"My experience with Donna during her six month Wisdom Keeper mentorship program   blew the doors off of any expectations I had for   working with a coach / facilitator.  Donna’s depth, wisdom, transparency,   groundedness, ability to relate, support, and   flow with me was astounding. SO RARE this   woman truly is. Fully immersed in it with me every step of the way, but also well boundaried at the same time.
She is a unique, beautiful, and strong mother, sister, friend.  I had a lot of reluctancy at first and many fears about working with Donna, as I’d had so many negative experiences in the past within the   spiritual community of “teachers” with no direct experience of what they teach. Disappointed so many times when the person I went to for help and support was not able to meet me where I was at. I was also afraid to participate because though I am a mother, I have no living children. I was different from the other women. I am not the traditional mother.  
Donna’s material and mentorship program is organized, well thought out, and  unique to her own personal soul and dreaming. It is not a copy based on anyone else’s belief system.  This - is gold.  It is a powerful message and gift she shares openly. She was able to move with me and add / change/ tweak materials and offerings as I needed throughout the  program. The journeys, writing prompts, exercises, ceremonies, and rituals were  all available to watch or listen or write or practice at my own pace. She never put  her own spiritual beliefs upon me, but always encouraged me to develop my  own, with her support and encouragement ever present.  
Working with Donna these six months was no new age vomit gloss. Thank Gods.  She is a true mystic and is wise beyond her years. She understood and supported me in ways I have never experienced or ever received with or from another woman.  Working with her assisted me in bringing through my own dreaming in so many  ways - connecting with my womb, continuing my shadow work, processing  ancestral karma, working with archetypes, creating my own website, and developing the framework for offering my gifts publicly in the ways I feel called.
She helped me to ease out of a hiding I had been in for years. She was willing to traverse terrain with me that was not always exactly on the  syllabus. I will be forever grateful and can’t recommend her highly enough.  

Jessie Vardakis
 2018 Wisdom Keeper Initiate  (USA)

"Making the choice to work with Donna in her Wisdom Keeper Initiate Level 1 training is one of THE BEST decisions I have made in my life so far. She inspired me to remember & reconnect with my allness, my power & my wisdom.
Her guidance, walking by my side & holding my hand as I stepped into my power, had a majorly transformative effect on my personal/spiritual development, & also my business development, which has progressed faster than I ever dreamed of. When I started working with Donna, I was too afraid & unsure of my ability to hold my first womens’ circle by myself, despite having heard the strong call to do so for a few years prior.

I’d collaborated with other women for a few circles previously, but always in more of a support role. Within a short space of working intensively with Donna, I was offering my first circle by myself, on the synchronistic date of the first Australian Womens’ Day.

I’ve continued holding regular circles since then, & have also had some amazing opportunities arise that I’ve been blessed to experience.

 Prior to working with Donna, I never dreamed of stepping up THIS much, but she inspired me to really feel into my soul’s calling, & my big “why”, & do the “work” (which was fun...so I’d call it more “play”), & all of a sudden all these amazing opportunities presented themselves.

Donna saw straight through any limiting beliefs and challenges I had (such as “imposter syndrome”), & gently but powerfully helped me to shift these and really step up into my calling. T

hrough practices she shared with me & her unwavering belief in me & my capabilities, she provided the catalyst effect that I was needing to really get things moving in many facets of my life.

Donna is an incredible inspiration in role-modeling how to juggle the responsibilities as a mama to her tribe, whilst also inspiring and supporting so many other women through her generous offerings, & still making space for her own self-care.

I love & respect this woman so much, & am deeply grateful for this journey she has guided me through. Thank you Donna. “

Sophie Feore
 2018 Wisdom Keeper Initiate  (Perth)

"Choosing Donna Raymond as my business mentor in 2020 was a clear and confirmed sign (at the time) from my animal totem.  Once we began in November, it was evident that Donna was the best decision for my stepping stone towards bringing to life the idea and vision I had for my business.  

When we started, two years had passed when my Dad (Frank Vagnoni) died.  At the time I was feeling really lost as to what I was meant to be doing with my life.    I knew a business mentor would be the first step in supporting and guiding me to unpack this dream/vision I had for myself and begin the process of making it a reality.  I'm so deeply grateful it was Donna who walked beside me every step of the way!  She challenged me ~ pushed me outside my comfort zone ~ called my blind spots out ~  motivated and encouraged me ~ celebrated milestones with me ~ checked-in and went above and beyond.  

What I loved about Donna being my mentor... Their was no fluff, she went straight to the point and would call things out, which is my style.  Even though hard truths can be a tough pill to swallow at times - I actually prefered it.  
At the time of working with Donna I had many intentions (goals)... ✨Gain clarity of my vision / purpose
✨ Map out and explore my soul clients
✨ Work through money blocks
✨ Create a business logo
✨ Map out my monthly women's gathering
✨ Address personal blockages
✨ Create content for a website And, so much more.  

The results I gained were priceless:  
✨Creativity was reactivated
✨Sacred sexuality and sensuality
✨ Practices to support my bleeding cycle
✨A vision of one of my offerings I would like to share - Donna took me through an initiation process to receive my own medicine of what it would like.  Truly epic and mind blowing.  Heart opening and expansive.  
✨ Business photoshoot planned and booked in with well-known photographer up in Cairns - Chanel Baran
✨ Offered my first women's gathering in January 2021 and continued each month do to so
✨ Gained feedback and testimonials from women who have attended.  
The list goes on as to what I gained during my time with Donna.  A 6-month journey I shall never forget.    

Donna tailored the program to meet my specific personal / individual needs for my business.  Even if I was processing something unrelated to my business that was hindering my vision, Donna would address the issue with me.   What's even more special, we became friends/sisters through it all and we still keep in contact.  I'm honoured to have such a woman in my life.  

And, I would highly recommend working with Donna, whether in a business focused capacity or personal."

Silvana Vagnoni

"Do yourself a favour and learn from this extrodinary wise woman.
Such insight presented in raw. real, relatable, understandable. Donna Raymond teaching, guidance and support is life changing! I adore her work she has taught me, guided me, nurtured me and believed in me unquestionably "
Kim Sequoia Williams

 "Donna is one of the most influential, inspiring, intuitive, incredible and authentic women that I have had the pleasure and honor of crossing paths with. In the years that I have known Donna she has been an incredible mentor and high priestess sister figure which I greatly look up to and honor. I have experienced many profound initiations and deep healings through attending Donna’s workshops and sacred ceremonies. Donna is a huge inspiration to me as a Conscious Female Entrepreneur. She has been an INCREDIBLE business mentor. She is AMAZING at intuitively generating new NEXT LEVEL ideas, concepts, blueprints and pathways for me to endeavor when it comes to my business and my entrepreneurial life path. She truly is a revolutionary thinker and intellect when it comes to paving the new pathways of business. 

Every time I connect with Donna and we dive into the heart storming and problem solving business realm I always walk away feel so inspired and super motivated to take my business to the NEXT LEVEL. Donna has greatly lifted my confidence and given me so many tools as I truly follow my dreams as a photographer and entrepreneur. Donna has held so many keys which have helped me unlock deeper facets of myself and heal very deep wounds. I have attended many of her ceremonies and workshops where she facilitated a sacred space for me and other women to really feel safe, be ourselves, truly feel and honor our feminine. I have traveled to deep places within myself and healed deep wounds from this lifetime and ancestrally as well. Donna has been a big sister to me in so many ways that I pray every women would have a figure like her in their life. I have learned so much about the women’s mysteries and rituals of healing my sacred womb space. Donna was the first women in my life to speak of this knowledge of the feminine and the womb. I have also had the honor to work with Donna creating events together which unite sacred women’s ceremony and photography together. 

Donna is in all facets of the word MY GO TO WOMAN!  She has an INCREDIBLE wealth of wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and experience. I highly recommend journeying with and investing in this woman as a Mentor and also experiencing first hand her ceremonies, workshops and courses. She is truly worth her weight and time in gold and more! When you invest in Donna you really invest in yourself. Well that is what I feel I have done. This woman is a true and rare diamond. I bow to you sister with deep reverence and honour." 

Chanel Baran
Visionary Photograher

 "Donna embodies a depth of wisdom that is beyond her earthly years, a sincere and empowered wombman in whom I am blessed to know, and journey with! She is a natural healer with many insightful tools that brings our inner recognition of true and higher self to light. Like the goddess, she cares unconditionally and has a deep respect for women (and men), who are innately drawn to her for many reasons.

For over a decade since I have known Donna, I have seen her embrace all facets of her life and do a lot of deep work and healing processes involved to open into her divine universal truth, mostly guided by her intuition and with those experiences, I believe she has become the teacher that she ultimately is – insightful, compassionate and guided by love; there is much that she is able to share with those who seek support for personal growth. She creates and holds space to bring forth incredible realisations and healing through various modalities and I have very much enjoyed her workshops, guided meditations, visual art pieces, songs and massages.

On a personal level, I have learnt from her to honor my truth and stand in my power as a wombman. She has certainly been a sister to call upon when in need – in fact, many of her friends will say that she is the person who is ‘always there’. She taught me about sacred sexuality, birthing, mothering and manifesting my true love, and for those reasons alone (but there are many more) I give deep gratitude for such blessings.

 Donna brings the ‘sacredness’ of life to the forefront of living and this is felt and honoured in the workshops that she facilitates, so take to opportunity to participate if you have the feeling to do so – her work is always transformative and I trust that in whatever way you are able to connect with her, it is likely to be a heartfelt and enlightening experience!" 

Tonielle Christensen
Business Coach and Permaculture Educator
Founder of Earth Mumma + Nature Kids

“What I notice most about Donna is her action….to me this is a reflection of living an abundant life. Some people are of the understanding that abundance is something we need to manifest or draw toward ourselves... I see in Donna the actions that amount to abundance for she draws from within herself and creates an abundant reality around her. She is the vessel for which manifestation takes place

Donna has embraced living her creativity and faced many of the mirrors of growth as she brings light to those corners within herself that have been holding and awaiting the moment of unfolding… A beauty filled woman,a light in her own being, she is an expression and an example of her dreaming, she permits herself to fully embody her BEing, her heart,her body,her soul her wisdom and higher truths…… Hmmm Donna is creativity in Action,we are gifted by who she truly is as she is who she creates herself to BEE……LOVE YOU MY SISTER XXXX ” 

Nainiouman Coya Coya, Rachel Shields
Song Woman, Wisdom Keeper

 "No words could ever accurately articulate the love and respect I have for Donna as a mentor, friend, sister, woman, healer and facilitator. On a professional level, I’ve had the honour to participate in Donna’s ‘WombSong’ workshop which completely CHANGED me. Held in a beautiful setting, Donna had created a safe sacred container in which we would be able to journey deep and connect with ourselves and one another. I always knew she was a powerful woman, but watching her hold that space and work through the processes with each of us was deeply healing and transformative. It awakened parts of me that still to this day are ignited because of that workshop. I’d recommend to anyone, regardless of current spiritual practices or knowledge.

I’ve also had the privilege of being a student of Donna’s ‘Sacred Circle Secrets’ course. This course is perfect for those wanting to create and facilitate circles/spaces. It’s content has been weaved together so well, which is testament to Donna’s practical knowledge and experience in facilitating the many circles, ceremonies, events and workshops that she has. She’s created a course that I believe actually gives you the tools and wisdom to step forward and present for yourself with confidence. It’s content is relevant, easy to follow and most importantly adaptable to your own individual needs, desires and flavour. Aside from working with Donna on a professional/student level, I am also honoured to call her my friend. My sister. I love her for her authenticity. She exudes a genuine honest, raw and real approach to her life.

There are no ‘between the lines’ with Donna. It’s all real. I leave each interaction I have with her, whether professional or personal; completely lifted and gifted with a burning desire to continue my journey with confidence and belief. Donna is incredibly intuitive, thus meaning her work is tailored for each individual perfectly. If you’re called in anyway to work with her, you should. This woman is next level." 

Kim Darby
Founder - The Yaya Sisterhood + Sisterise Collective

Wise Wombman Retreats

     I have just returned from SolSister Solstice Retreat. It was just what I needed at this stage in my life & journey at discovering who I am & who I can be. I have met many new sisters, reconnected with old & felt the empowerment that is women’s circles. This is what we need & I think this will only get more & more powerful. If you are unsure of what’s on offer – just go & experience it for yourself. Growth. Love. Empowerment. Light. Healing. 

A. Benson

“The Solsister retreat was deeply soulful, full of ceremony and respect for connection to nature, knowledge and each other. I’m beginning to Re-member what it means to be a woman; what it means to sit in the space that is created when women come together and share the truth about their lives and the lives of our ancestors.
Donna guided, held and witnessed the individual journey’s of each of us; as well as the journey of the group. It is an experience that has strengthened my spirit and makes me smile to think of the moments and relationships created.Thank you Donna.”

A. Holmes

 “It is not hard to see that I am blessed to have Donna as my daughter, but Donna is so much more! Often when I have been in a pit of despair and in the grips of depression Donna is there, sometimes with words of encouragement and sometimes with no words at all. She just gets me… She strives and is committed to guiding me to a place where the good outweighs the bad. I choose to allow Donna on this journey, not to be daughter or shaman but Shawombman her gifts are astounding and so worth the commitment. Compassionate, honest, she has the amazing ability to give understanding advice regarding relationships, career, love, spousal abuse, addiction and so much more.
Donna knows how to listen; her work is a mixture of intuition, wisdom and personal experiences. She has done for me what the professionals, eg: counselors psychologist and psychiatrist have failed to do.”  

H. Raymond

      “I feel so blessed for the intuitive guidance that led me to Donna’s work at the Wise Wombman retreat in Melbourne. At a time when I was feeling depleted by life’s “demands” this was exactly what I needed. The whole weekend was facilitated with such humility which allowed me to drop into “being” rather than “doing” mode whilst at the same time being able to soften and surrender into the potency of this work… Some profoundly deep insights were had throughout the retreat and I truly believe that Donna’s raw and real approach held space for this to occur… I can’t wait to work more with this radiant sister as I feel a strong sense of self empowerment after this weekend. I would recommend this to all women from all walks of life.. This work is so needed at this time! Thank you Donna for this profound experience and for all that you share.”  

Liarna Conder, Prayerformer, Eurynome – Weavers of Sacred

 “Your work is not only incredible and healing and amazing. You are doing something needed, amazing and inspirational to women and people around the world.
They may not know it yet but it has impact, you impact people in the most incredible way.”  

Freya Gould

 “There are no words. ..It's a feeling you get in her presence. It's a feeling of deep gratitude, wonder, magic, resonance and an inner calling to 'step up and stop playing small'. Donna is an excellent and inspiring facilitator of women's circles and she also makes them affordable to all to attend. I cannot recommend her enough.”  


Online Courses + Workshops

 "This course is perfect for those wanting to create and facilitate circles/spaces. It’s content has been weaved together so well, which is testament to Donna’s practical knowledge and experience in facilitating the many circles, ceremonies, events and workshops that she has. She’s created a course that I believe actually gives you the tools and wisdom to step forward and present for yourself with confidence. It’s content is relevant, easy to follow and most importantly adaptable to your own individual needs, desires and flavour. Aside from working with Donna on a professional/student level, I am also honoured to call her my friend. My sister. I love her for her authenticity. She exudes a genuine honest, raw and real approach to her life. There are no ‘between the lines’ with Donna. It’s all real. I leave each interaction I have with her, whether professional or personal; completely lifted and gifted with a burning desire to continue my journey with confidence and belief. Donna is incredibly intuitive, thus meaning her work is tailored for each individual perfectly. If you’re called in anyway to work with her, you should. This woman is next level. “ -" 

 "“Sacred Circle Secrets has unlocked so much for me. When the course was released immediately I was like YES this is what I need to do… I need to do this course!
The course content is amazing and easy to work through. The work and the meditations are very, very potent. Donna’s womb work has such a magic to it, it’s hard to put to words… Before I had even finished the course I was running my first circle. I was nervous the first time, but I just had so much confidence. I’m still running circles and running sacred space and workshops… I highly recommend it!“  

 " My path crossed with Donna’s a year after a deep trauma of our house burning down right after our wedding and the winter holidays. My life had deeply shifted and I had been practicing some deep healing work. I had been given a spirit message of a supportive women’s circle. The following day, I came upon Donna’s Sacred Circle Secrets course on how to facilitate a woman’s circle! 
The course was organized, thoughtful and genuine but what grew from this experience was truly amazing. I still go through my notes and the videos and feel guided by her fluent wisdom. I was surprised at the deep connections and understanding that innately comes forth in her programs. She gives you a format to run a woman’s circle, but it’s her experience and guidance on how to connect with your inner-confidence and womb strength that makes this a gem!  She creates a strong bridge for you to create and lead.
I was able to hear my own sacred spirit and am ready to create that here in the US. If we could duplicate that with the women of the world and offer that support of a listening genuine space, we would all be able to hear our own sacred souls.
You can tell Donna takes care of her personal space and nurtures herself (something that I believe makes an amazing teacher). She can hold space for others: A woman can feel safe working with her knowing that she is aware of the emotional and energy boundaries in healing and an incredible intuitive patient listener.
This trait is truly hard to find in this world! I cherish and honor her heart and spirit. 
 I strongly encourage you to take this course and honor your intuition and the timing on your path." 

Ariel Temianka
New Hampshire, US 

    I’ve just made some time and space to completely immerse myself in the Sacred Breasts audio. Wow. Just magical. Just wanted to share my gratitude once again for your work and your wisdom is unhooking, in embodying, in enabling women to remember and unhook and forgive. My breasts are big and beautiful and have nourished 5 little humans. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou!

Irena Deacon
BLOOM! course

    "Wow.. that was monumental.. I just had the most epic experience with this task.. I felt guided every step of the way and had some unreal breakthroughs and emotional releasing…. Absolutely mind blowing and heart expanding"

Mon Blanch
Heart + Soul Activated Mama

 Wow! Mystic Wombman is such a full on intensive course! It covers so much of the mystical & majickal worlds. The information Donna provided is incredible & there was sooo many things I never knew! It gave me the wisdom & knowledge to create my own majick within & allowing me the freedom to choose my own majickal path, what it is that my heart & soul truly desire. I experienced a very deep & profound remembering. I found my majick & I will never let it go again ♥ Thank you Donna for helping me remember who I am.

Jess Russel
Mystic Wombman Majickal Bootcamp


I have such anger, boiled down it’s pain and despite having an enormous release I have more to process. I’m just pleased it’s coming up and out. Donna created a sacred container for me to enable a channel for allowing it to be released. So many years of being ‘nice’ avoiding and denying. Disowning the rage. Trauma embedded deeply within my place of creation stifling the birth of life itself. Seemingly unforgivable and finally I’m weaving my way to a place of acceptance. It’s this underlying energy of anger, of something not quite right that has potentially sabotaged my ability to be fully authentic. It has certainly hindered my growth, the forming of my purpose and discovery of my medicine and gifts to share. I have come a long way to be here. To be held with strength and Grace, whilst allowing my grieving and the unexpected way it came forth from me. It is the way the women in my culture grieve, wailing without reserve. I felt Donna’s ancestral lineage come together with ours holding space while we worked on this potent healing. Through ritual and sound we opened wide to give way to our own unique song, clearing and bringing light to those deep and dark places within. This is Donna Raymond’s medicine and I AM grateful to have received it. Arohanui precious one

Maga Circle Facilitator

"Even though I didn’t know what to expect at wombsong, I just knew with every fibre of my being that I had to be there. And I wasn’t disappointed. I was delighted. I absolutely loved this event. I loved our journey of wombsong. I loved the singing and sounding. I loved how open hearted I felt afterwards walking around for days with my shoulders naturally moved back and my heart centre open. I loved how this sacred journey with Donna unlocked something inside of me that was already starting to emerge in a little self concious trickle by itself and after my time with her and the women in this circle it opened and supported me in a way that I have gained so much confidence in my wombsonging that it’s now flowing more and more each time I reconnect to that voice, that sound, that energy, that wombsong.  Totally loved the whole experience. Healing. Yummy. Nourishing. Fun. Opening. Expanding. Empowering. Uplifting. Joyous. Practical. And simple! I love Donna's work. And I'd highly recommend the womb song experience to every woman. " .

Kathy Popplewell.
Wild Woman Dreaming Medicine Woman at Daintree Love

"“When it came to the Evoking the WombSong I felt nervous…I had always been loud but do I have a voice?
Donna lead us into a free flowing chant her voice is captivating & translates deep within.. I was in a sacred circle I felt safe & thought here goes… it was both a personal wombsong & a collective one. I loved it it in it’s self was such a journey. I was intoxicated by really being able to let go, I could feel what I could describe as an energy building up inside of me engulfing every cell it was brewing but it had plateaued & then Donna placed her hands on my back she instinctively knew what to do & the energy shot through me it was like what I can only describe with my limited knowledge on things as a Kundalini experience. It was flowing through the Earth into me & out through my crown into the universe.
I had never experienced anything like it. Everything that ever was, was ok, acceptance of the past & optimistic for the future & for me that was a major breakthrough. Donna says it’s us who do the work within, but without her guidance & intuitive coaching I would not have been able to have such a profound breakthrough.. for that I am eternally grateful… That’s what it is, freeing an ancient voice.. well for me that is what I got I released generations of trauma it was very sacred very profound..
what really was also very special about it was that while one was having a break through either way by vocal release the others held space with their hum ohm chant or whatever... nothing ever has had such primal ancient roots for me.”


"Hi Donna. I just want to send you the biggest ‘THANK YOU’ for organising such a great humbling event. Thanks too for facilitating such powerful healing and unblocking. As a young 7 year old girl, I used to love singing at the kitchen sink whilst washing dishes and had quite a good and powerful voice (so I was told).. Shortly after having my tonsils removed, my father committed suicide and I have not been able to belt out any powerful sound since. 45 Years later you have facilitated the unblocking of my throat chakra and for that I will be eternally grateful. I feel blessed to have been able to participate in the event and meet and share the day with all of the beautiful female collective souls. I look forward to keeping the circle going. Also, you have a most amazing and powerful voice that vibrated all molecule within. Sending you, your beautiful family and everyone who attended yesterday’s event all of my Gratitude, Love & Blessings."

I. Baran

"This woman is a REAL fucking WITCH!
– the ‘Good Witch of Kuranda”
Freedom Burns

Sacred YOUnion

Blake Hudson



Tonielle Christensen
Jessy Lynch



James Daley
Samantha Jane

 “The Sacred YOUnion Ceremony came for me at a really challenging point in my life, and could not have been more appropriate timing. Donna’s sincerity, her true desire for women to heal and feel whole, and her ability to genuinely hold space for the Divine Feminine to shine through, allowed me to gift myself with the love that I so needed.
 For me the ceremony was a simple yet powerful commitment to self, a declaration that I will indeed choose self-love, nurturing and abundance as my path forward. With Donna’s guidance and the support of the beautiful women in the group, I came to remember that I am the one who has the power to give and receive all that I need.  
Every woman deserves this gift of trust in herself.”  

Melissa Schulz
Business Coach + Mentor

 “The sacred YOUnion ceremony was perfectly timed to compliment my initial process with Donna. Leading up to it, I felt a lot of resistance. "Who would want to marry you? Why would you want to marry yourself Bridey?" On top of that, Valentines Day held some hugely traumatic memories for me and as it was looming the resistance became greater. But in the back of my mind, three words from my initial process with Donna kept coming into my mind. "Not my story!" I knew it was time to rewrite my story and reclaim valentines day as a day for me and a celebration of myself. I cannot express in words how much this meant to me. My inner maiden came out to play (something I did not get to experience at my first and legal wedding, as I was already a breast feeding mamma to my second son at the tender age of 23). She was nervous, excited, innocent, happy, playful, beautiful, radiating self love, and dressed up for the occasion.  The ceremony itself was breathtaking and Donna was the most incredible celebrant. A little sunbird flew around my head the whole time (a very significant symbol in my life) and my inner priestess surfaced to read out the vows. When Donna presented to me the wedding ring I had picked out for myself, I was filled with such joy. I am so grateful to Donna and myself for rewriting my story for valentines day and setting a new path for my relationship with my children and myself. Thank you Donna!!! So much love”  

Bridey Walsh

 “I felt compelled to work with Donna because I have been fortunate enough to witness her manifest and create her dreamings; to experience and feel her hold space for others, including myself when working through our shadow stuff, and because of the calm, wise, supportive energy I feel whenever in her presence. Also due to wanting, needing to move through my programming / shadow stuff and I see Donna’s footprints just ahead of me…

Donna has also helped me identify and feel the power within me" 

Samantha Jane

 “Previously experiencing the majick that Donna weaves, naturally I feel drawn to her work. Her teachings are deep and profound, spiritual or otherwise.  Her guidance has always resonated with me, she speaks from a place of sincerity, experience and love.  Unlike conventional business teachings where the evident objective tone regarding your outcome sabotage your experience, upon the realization that you are no more than a dollar sign.  
Donna has helped me open doors I didn’t know existed " 

Nálii Kreéture

Rites of Passage