Welcome,  Wisdom Keepers!

My name is Donna Raymond and I have been called to be of service in cultivating the potent energy of the womb, clearing and releasing old trauma and blockages, making space inside this creative centre for Wombman to nurture and birth the new paradigm… Dreaming into Being!  

The work that I facilitate focuses on reviving Ritual and Ceremony, Healing the Shadow Self, Sacred Sensuality, Blood Rites (Menarche, Pregnancy and Birth) and deeper connection to our wombs, our innate song, Sacred Business (Entrepreneurship) Spirit, Earth, Majickal tools and the power of Archetypes. It is my intention to cultivate more connection to the Sacred, honouring the Sacred Feminine and Masculine and to also live my life as an example and expression of my Truth, becoming a ‘wayshower’ and claiming responsibility for my own journey, to embody the wisdom that I have learnt through experience so that I may radiate it from my heart into the world, as an empowered wombman, conscious entrepreneur and visionary philanthropist.  

As a mother, I am dedicated to cultivating a powerful legacy as a living and wise matriarch creating abundance and beauty for those children that will walk ahead of me in generations to come. Most people come to me because of my grounded approach to spirituality, creativity and business… Oh and of course my wild philosophical rants and visionary ideas.

I love to work with creative entrepreneurs that feel overwhelmed or perhaps scared of connecting with their BIG PICTURE dreaming- and help them make it a reality! I’m the one that the rebelpreneurs and paradigm shifters turn to for support and guidance, because I’m walking the path too… I know what it takes!  Over the last decade I have had the honour to facilitate Sacred Women's circle's + retreats as well as mentor and train women who are called to service as leaders and facilitators of transformational work.  

Through my Wisdom Keeper Initiate apprenticeships, I help women integrate the knowledge, tools and skills to offer potent rituals, workshops and Sacred Ceremony in a way that is honest, genuinely soul led and safe. I also work 1on1 with Visionary Creatives in 6-12month Business Mentoring containers that serve the initial startup phase of business, though the next level legacy and income creations.  

I am a neurodiveregent Wise Woman, Modern Mystic, Mentor, Author and Ceremonialist that serves the rebel entrepreneurs, mystical misfits, visionaries, luminous leaders, way-showers, wisdom keepers, dream-weavers, artists and paradigm shifters.  

When I work with you, I walk beside you and encourage you to trust your unique process of initiation. I connect with your goals and invest my energy into helping you make them a reality, and then celebrating with you when they come to pass.

I provide you with tools and experiences to help you access and embody your inner wisdom, gifts and talents unashamedly, to clear and heal trauma associated with stepping into your soulful service and being seen and received as a powerful leader whilst anchoring your core values so that you can stay aligned to your "true north" with unwaivering determination to create the legacy you were born to share with the world!